Thursday, November 8, 2007

Circumstances When Nudism Is Not Okay
Although there are many positive aspects to nudism, there are circumstances when nudism is simply not appropriate.

1. Nudism should not be forced upon people against their will.

2. Christians should not engage in nude orgies associated with the worship of non-christian gods and goddesses.

3. The display of nudity should not be used in a deliberate attempt to seduce someone to engage in sinful behavior.

4. Going nude in a cold climate would be both uncomfortable and a hazzard to one's health. Therefore, clothing is sometimes necessary as a protection against adverse weather conditions.

5. Christians should not deliberately offend others with their nudity. Romans 14:21 says Christians should not deliberately do anything that might offend someone or cause someone to stumble, even if the action itself is not sinful.

6. Christians should obey the laws of the land whenever possible. Romans 13:1 says Christians should be subject to the governing authorities. Therefore, Christians should not prance around nude in public settings where nudity is prohibited.